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Garden Maintenance Service
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Discover the comprehensive garden maintenance services we offer to keep your outdoor spaces vibrant and healthy. Our specialized services range from providing superior mulch solutions that enhance plant health and aesthetics, to precise pruning and trimming practices that maintain plant vitality while managing their growth. In addition, our experts are proficient in transforming overgrown, neglected gardens into pleasing landscapes through our meticulous cleanup services. Rely on our skilled team at The Better Way to preserve the beauty of your garden throughout the year.

Mulch Services

Mulch is essential for healthy and beautiful gardens. It creates space between plants, improves air circulation, and retains moisture. Our variety of mulch colors, including natural browns, vibrant reds, and deep blacks, can complement your garden's colors while reflecting sunlight and promoting healthy plant growth. Contact us to learn more about our mulch color options.

Pruning & Trimming

Pruning is critical for maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden. Regularly removing dead, diseased, or overgrown branches will promote healthy growth and prevent the spread of diseases/rot.

Trimming can also help to shape plants and control their size, making it easier to maintain a neat and tidy garden. Our team of experienced professionals provides reliable hedge trimming services, using the latest techniques and tools to ensure that your plants are healthy and well-maintained. Trust us to help keep your hedge looking its best all year round.

Garden Cleanup

If your garden has been left along time and the weeds have become trees and it looks like something out of a horror movie. Look no further than getting the insured professionals at The Better Way. We can cut out ugly trees, trim back overgrown bushes, weed out beds, re-sod the lawn, and add a fresh look to the garden with our favourite mulch.

Before and After

See the stunning transformations as our expert garden maintenance services bring beauty back to any outdoor space.


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