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Residential Snow Removal
Serving the Greater Burlington Area

We'll be there when you need us. All winter long, you can rely on us to be your one-stop shop for everything related to snow removal. We also offer year-round property maintenance services so you can rest assured that your property will always be in tip top shape.

Our Service Area

Seasonal Prices

Note:Our walkway shovelling crew is sold out at this time so we can only accept more clients if we clear just the snow on the driveway without shovelling steps/walkway/around cars.


Excluding Hand Shovelling


Excluding Hand Shovelling

$1500 - $1800


Snow Plow vs Snow Blower

Frequently Asked Questions

How much snow needs to fall in order for you to come?

1.5” (4cm)

How long will it be before my driveway gets cleared?

Up to 12 hours after the snow stops.

Do you offer one time snow removal… if so what is the price?

Yes, after we have finished serving our contracted clients we offer spontaneous service. Generally a residential driveway is between $75-120 per visit.

Do you offer salting?

Yes, we use Hot Pink De-icer. HPD supports families affected by breast cancer.

Is the contract based on snow fall?

No, the contract is a seasonal contract for the 4 months of the winter. This covers unlimited snow removal visits for the winter.

How much does shoveling cost?

Our shovelling crew is currently sold out but it ranges from $365-875/season depending on the size of the walkways/steps, where your home is located, and whether we will clear the city sidewalks.

Do you offer seniors discounts or cash discounts?

We offer great value and do not need to discount our services. We don't do cash.

Does my driveway get cleared at the same time as the front steps?

Not generally. The shoveling is done by a separate crew to optimize the efficiency of our tractor crew. We aim to shovel prior to clearing the driveway but sometimes the shoveling is done after the driveway has been cleared.

Do you offer refunds if I am not happy?

Yes, if you decide to cancel part of the way through the season we will deduct the visits/time spent under contract and e-transfer the rest of the money back to you.

When is payment due?

75% is due on November 30th and the remainder is due January 30th.

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit card, e-transfer, and cheque.

Is your equipment going to scratch my driveway?

We use nylon or tivar scraping edges so they are non-marking. They don’t scrape the snow as clean as steel scrapers but they protect your driveway, which we feel is a better trade-off.

Do you have a referral Program?

Yes, $50 cash/off your bill every direct neighbour you refer

Do I have to have those branded ugly snow stakes at the end of my driveway?

Our preference is to use these as they help us in advertising our service which helps our route density and therefore keeps your price sharp. If you wish we can use fluorescent orange markers that are neat and thin and much less ugly. We do require these orange stakes at a minimum as they protect our equipment from hitting curbs.

What is the best way of getting in touch with you during a storm?

Text to the 333 number or email. We can respond to ten emails or texts in the time we can answer one phone call (independent of how polite that person may be).

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